The GHG-Montreal Project

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission due to human activities is the main driver of the global climate change. Heavily populated cities are often hotspots of GHG emissions.

This project funded by the Government of Canada aims to provide direct quantification of the spatiotemporal variability of GHGs, particularly methane and carbon dioxide, in Greater Montreal and identify the dominant sources and sinks contributing to their variability.

There are three main components of this project: 1) to map the surface concentrations of the GHGs, and to apportion their sources using isotopic measurements, 2) to profile the vertical distributions of the GHGs with ground-based remote sensors and airborne measurements, and 3) to model the dispersion process of the GHGs using under different meteorological conditions. Together, these components will help us build a city-level picture of the spatial distribution of greenhouse gases.